It’s twinned with last year’s ‘Elegy’ for the vinyl, and continues the impressive streak of VC, who turned 25 last week. Canal herself said: “The phrase ‘WELL WELL’ struck me as a natural follow up to Elegy. I’ve grieved this person and now I’m dealing with what’s left.”

The result is a strong six-track EP with beautifully executed songs, tying together lyricism, production, and top-level musicianship with elegance.

It kicks off with two tracks released in June. ‘Shape’ is introspective, full of soul and a folky guitar, with her haunting, yearning voice declaring “Don’t be so pretty in front of me”. She takes issues of body image and faith, common to many young people, and adds her unique twist.

‘She Walks In’ has subtle confrontation. “It’s okay, I feel your rejection. I think about it all the time.” It’s delicate and candid, driven by piano and accompanied by beautiful harmonies, combining with devastating effect.

The inter-continental star widens her universe with feature artists. The supremely talented Madison Cunningham adds her voice to ‘Braver’, a warm ode to the sacrifices Canal’s mother made in her early life. “You’re braver than I’ve ever been, what I’d give to have known you back then.” Meanwhile, ‘Yes Man’, the first to be written for the EP, incorporates S. Carey. “Well well, what do you know? / You took so much space, seems I lost my place,” she sings passionately.

Victoria described ‘Company’ as “a simple, wholesome love song for the gays”. There’s a simplicity to it, with temporary lyrics becoming the fully-fledged words. It’s a gorgeous three-minute ride, documenting the serenity of a happiness.

‘Black Swan’ is an epic closer, akin to something from a Bond soundtrack. She admits its experimental nature, the “resentful older sister” of last year’s ‘swan song’. It reminds me of the old cliché ‘go big or go home’. VictoriaCanal is nomadic, so the vibe must stratospheric to compensate. 

Victoria’s got recognition from Ivor Novello, Attitude and Radio 1, among others. She made her acting debut on Apple+ TV’s ‘Little America’. She’s just off tour with Hozier, and has lots more shows before the year’s out. She proudly celebrates her queer, disabled, and mixed-heritage identity, and bolsters those around her. However you find Victoria Canal, she leaves a positive impression. That shines through on ‘WELL WELL’, from the beginning of ‘Shape’ to the gear shift of ‘Black Swan’.

Victoria Canal has tonnes of personal courage in her armoury. Ignore VC at your peril.

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