Garth Adam – Tell Me One Thing

Garth Adam, an Australian singer-songwriter, has been prolific in his songwriting over the past few years, with a particular focus on reviving the sound of the landmark albums of the 1970s. One of his notable songs is “Tell Me One Thing,” a track that has been described as a peppy rocker with a fun feel to it. This song is part of his latest EP, “Say You’ll Come With Me,” which was recorded at Melvin Tree’s studio in Perth, Western Australia, where 90% of the equipment was made before 1975. This vintage gear contributes to the warmth felt in each song’s recording.

“Tell Me One Thing” starts with casual, almost staccato guitar strumming and a clean, tasteful guitar lead guiding us to the first verse. When Garth starts singing, it’s through subtle distortion, as if proclaiming the lyrics through a walkie-talkie or CB radio. His voice is almost conversational, relaxed, and perhaps a little passive, but with a discernible vulnerability. He’s questioning a romantic partner to determine their current needs. The chorus is an energy uptick, with bigger instrumentation, some fat analog-ish synths, and dense backing vocals.

The song is light and self-aware, regardless of the drama sustained by his partner’s widening emotional distance. The bridge of the song is particularly gripping, where any aforementioned passiveness gives way to a more unfiltered honesty.

The story behind “Tell Me One Thing” is quite interesting. According to Garth Adam, the song was a spontaneous creation that he wrote at the end of his bed on a Sunday morning. Almost all the song came at once, which doesn’t often happen. He really liked the groove with the bass and guitar he had going, which launched the whole song. The lyrics then just seemed to come out of the air.

The song takes a whimsical yet pointed look at a struggling up and down relationship between two people who stick with it even if they never seem to get it together. This punchy, percussive pop/rocker is a testament to Garth Adam’s ability to create music that is both engaging and emotionally resonant.

In conclusion, “Tell Me One Thing” by Garth Adam is a song that combines a fun, peppy rock feel with deep emotional resonance. Its spontaneous creation story and the unique recording process add to its charm, making it a standout track in Garth Adam’s discography.

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