Following their last release, “Running Away”, JONAH’s new single “Only Love” acts as the next chapter in the story of two girls on the run, told in the visually evocative videos that accompany the music.

Signature of the duo’s stylistic trademarks, “Only Love” is soft, soothing, soulful and sombre. The introspective auditory journey is built from panning vocals and weeping guitar riffs that lean on an atmospheric wall of reverb so thick it’s barely penetrated by muffled kick-drum triplets. 

Singer Angelo Mammone and instrumentalist Christian Steenken, who met at school in the German coastal town of Brake, began making music inspired by the honesty of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. That being said, JONAH’s genre is far from Grunge. Harnessing introspection, vulnerability and emotional truth, the band’s melodic output is better suited to a genre of goosebump-inducing dream pop. 

To the Berlin-based duo, making music is about feeling and playing together whilst recording everything. Mammone and Steenken go further than audio, extenign their talents to graphic design and art direction, producing videos inspired by painful and formative situations that pick apart romantic dilemmas and process inner turmoil. This specific Thelma and Louise-esque music video series also corresponds to previous singles “Husk My Love”, “Fallin”, “Ocean Wide”, and “Running Away:, which collectively mark the completion of the first half of their upcoming album Damn the Wild Air.

Head below to step into JONAH’s eclectic world…

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