With a drilling production pulling into focus, Gretel Hänlyn wastes no time shifting into gear in her explosive new single, “Drive”. Dipped in a honey-suckled concentrate, Hänlyn’s vocals are equal parts sultry and sharp as she commands the melody, inviting us all to go on a drive with her. Incorporating elements of guitar music with a nail-biting rock influence, “Drive” is a powerful effort that places Hänlyn in full control of her audiences — much how her person within the song’s narrative renders its listeners powerless against her compelling instrumentation.

Speaking on the release of the single, Hänlyn imparts, “I feel so excited by what I’m doing right now musically which I’m taking as a really good sign that I’m doing the right thing and I feel like I’m getting closer and closer in my musical self-discovery with each track. I also love how I’m utilising my femininity and then total neutralness in my music, girly creepy singing behind totally genderless music. I’ve been really getting into lyricism as well, again not restraining myself and allowing myself to say things that before I’d perhaps think twice about or think was uncool.”

Driving these sentiments forward, “Drive” comes accompanied by an electrifying music video that shows horror-tinged clips of Hänlyn under fluorescent red lights, spanning across the city through a grainy lens. Delivering all the angst and grit detected throughout the track, the visual is the ultimate encapsulation of the artist’s ability to “Drive” a concept home.

To stream the single now, head below…

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