Welsh newcomer, Thallo is making a statement. And, she is doing so with the help of her ethereal-dream pop cut, “Pluo”. On her newest Welsh-spoken release, the artist lends her syrupy vocals and a dose of dream-like production to a cut that, on the surface, is a shining example of alt-pop done right. But, do not be fooled by the track’s candy coating.

Lying underneath the sweet-sounding song is a narrative, drenched in that all-too-relatable pandemic-induced anxiety. “I felt so stuck and unable to return to my normal life [after the pandemic],” she shares when reflecting on the track’s origins. “But most of all, the song is a cry of fear for the loneliness and hopelessness of being left behind whilst everyone else moves forward.”

Granted, this darker undertone is a stark contrast to the track’s angelic sonic edge, but with an accompanying music video showcasing bloody imagery and flickering lighting set to produce chills reminiscent of those conjured up by the blood-curdling horror movies we all know and love, it becomes clear that with every release Thallo throws herself into, we can expect a deliciously twisted core.

And, if this release was not enough to render you spellbound, the rising star is looking to keep you fed with an upcoming, bilingual project, “Crescent”. Boasting three tunes, including the haunting “Pluo”, it becomes evident that the upcoming EP release is just the next step in her journey towards music industry domination.

Head below to watch the music video for “Pluo”…

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