Popkanon – Bar Colombia

Popkanon is a songwriting and production company founded by Paal Bay Braathen, Morten Collier Gabrielsen, and Tomas Jensen in 2020. Their hope is to excite and inspire fans through their music, featuring both up-and-coming and established artists. The Norwegian producing/songwriting team are lifelong fans of American popular culture, creating their own sound by drawing equal inspiration from hip-hop, modern country, and traditional Scandinavian songwriting.

Popkanon’s discography features a variety of remarkable songs that demonstrate their musical talent and distinctive style, such as “Brothers,” “Regrets,” and “Let’s Paint Some Walls”. With their most recent songs and music albums, Popkanon has been creating waves in the music industry, receiving praise from playlist curators and journalists from all over the world.

Popkanon’s “Bar Colombia” is a harmonious international fusion that takes listeners on a sonic journey unlike any other. The track seamlessly blends diverse influences, including Reggaeton, hip-hop, rap, and elements of folk, creating an irresistible sound that transcends borders. The song was born from a trip to Bogotá, Colombia, and evolved over two years to reach its final form. Popkanon collaborated with Exclusive, RarriQUESO, and French/Norwegian musician Stephan Smirou, who contributed pulsating beats and Latin-themed trumpets and flutes. The track was produced at Pressure Point Studios with the expertise of award-winning sound engineer Slavic Livins.

“Bar Colombia” is a true testament to Popkanon’s ability to seamlessly blend diverse influences and create a musical experience that defies genre boundaries. This electrifying track takes inspiration from a rich tapestry of musical styles, showcasing Popkanon’s ability to navigate different musical landscapes with finesse. With the visionary production team at the helm and the enchanting blend of vocals, Popkanon’s “Bar Colombia” is poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene.

In conclusion, Popkanon’s “Bar Colombia” is an outstanding track that showcases the band’s ability to create captivating and genre-defying music. Their unique fusion of diverse influences and exceptional production skills make them a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

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