Hailing from Minnesota, rising artist Softee has always had big dreams. Opting to express her creativity not only with music, but with theatre too – she’s always had that star quality. Her antics these days are a far cry from doing karaoke in her parents’ basement, as she’s now graced the stage with the likes of Denzel Washington on Broadway. No biggie. Refreshingly, Softee’s musical oeuvre is infused with that DIY bedroom pop vibe that instantly makes us feel at home.

Softee’s new track “Red Light Green Light” samples the iconic “Squid Game” series on Netflix, which took the whole world by storm. That instantly recognisable sound clip provides a vehicle for the artist to explore themes of nepotism and elitism – calling out society’s reverence for undeserved wealth: “What makes me so different from someone who has a trust fund other than their proximity to wealth? These questions swirl around in the song, but subversively, because it’s so danceable I don’t think you really hear the lyrics unless you’re paying close attention. That is my favorite kind of pop music– the kind where you have to look up the lyrics and it gives the song a whole new meaning.”

It’s safe to say that Softee’s astute societal critique is indeed disguised under layers upon layers of pure danceable joy. Softee’s smooth, honey-like croon is underpinned by 80-esque synths, which are decorated with sparkling sonic embellishments. The track is coupled with an equally dazzling music video, set in the winding metropolis of NYC. Lensed with a fish-eye, the visuals subsume the viewer into the city’s chaos – much like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ kaleidoscopic descent into madness.

With a feature on the hotly-anticipated “Queer As Folk” reboot, with her song “Crush”, and an influx of critical praise – this new single is merely fuel to the already flaming fire. And with a new album on the horizon, we can expect to hear a lot more from Softee soon.

Head below to play “Red Light Green Light”…

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