The band have been tipped by numerous outlets to be a breakout act of 2023, and for good reason. ‘Song About Love’ begins with a strong bassline, almost reminiscent of the well-respected work of Arctic Monkeys, or Tame Impala, yet it holds something authentic. A perfect set-opener, the track’s beginning is suspenseful with the rhythm section perfectly bringing in the unique vocals of singer, Lily Fontaine, whose performance on the track-like her bandmates- was superb. The band have stated that the version of the song which was released, was one of the first takes: which is very telling about the ability of the band, each note is perfect.

Having emerged in 2020, it’s quite simply amazing that the band have achieved such a unique sound in such a short space of time. The work of lead-guitarist Lewis Whiting is outstanding. His high-pitched melodies beautifully contrast with the thudding bassline. In fact, the guitar on the song seems to carefully craft itself around the strong vocals of Fontaine, upholding the worth of the words. She is most definitely heard on the track, stating after the release that “It’s a pop song about doing chores instead of doing someone else”. 

After the suspenseful build-up the track explodes in such an interesting way, it ‘kicks off’ yet the entire band seem to still be playing perfectly, not a note missed. This section will definitely be well-received by crowds.

The band take the new track, alongside their already-popular back-catalogue on the road with them at the end of the month, when they embark on their Independent Venue Week UK tour, which precedes their first American adventure, with SXSW in March.

Accompanying the track is a music video which is exclusively located within an animated world, the world of The Sims video-game. It’s a video which holds attention, for sure, with such an interesting idea behind it.

English Teacher are a band to look out for this year. The future is bright. One of those acts that you should see now, while they’re still playing smaller venues. This group will be onto bigger things in no time.

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