British born, New York-based singer/songwriter Fenne Lily returns with her new singleLights Light Up, and has announced a new album Big Picture, to be released on April 14.

Lily began playing shows at age 16 in her hometown of Bristol, and throughout 2016 and 2017, played at festivals such as T in the Park, Lattitude, Bluedot Festival and many more. Her debut album On Hold arrived in 2018 to much acclaim, and she supported Lucy Dacus and Dodie on their tours.In 2020, her sophomore record Breach was released, once again with much success. Now, she’s back with Lights Light Up, and it has been worth the three-year wait. The track sounds different from anything else Lily has put out, whilst at the same time, possessing qualities that are quintessentially her. Opening with soft drums and sunny, sparkling guitar, the song bounces along merrily in the listener’s ears, creating a warm, bright feeling.The tone and content of the single differ from her previous work, in that her last two records were more about the end of a relationship, whereas Big Picture promises to capture love in the present. Speaking on the track and album, Fenne said: “I’d never really written about love in the present tense before this, but even though I was still in love and not thinking about the end, there was something else going on subconsciously that led to a song about moving on before the moving on had begun.”The whole track is joyous and ponderous, with introspective lyrics as usual; “You came to me at the speed of a bad decision/Just the speed, the bad not so much” Lily signs in her gorgeous, melodic voice, the guitar wrapping around her voice perfectly propelling the song forward, which is where it feels like she’s headed.Fenne Lily’s new album Big Picture arrives on 14 April via Dead Oceans.

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