Producer, singer, songwriter an multi-instrumentalist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, who records and performs as PVRIS. This single is gritty, and action packed that channels female rage, confidence, power, all in one. Lyndsey says that ‘GODDESS’ is “a celebration of femininity all shapes and forms, and a cathartic, guttural scream at the same time.” 

This single follows ‘ANYWHERE BUT HERE’, which is vulnerable and ‘ANIMAL’ which is fiery.  Both singles show how diverse emotion and PVRIS new sound is. They both show how diverse Lyndsey’s artistry is. Following these singles PVRIS shot their first short film, directed by long-time friend and tourmate Jax Anderson.  

‘I don’t know how your god is, But I’m a goddess, so hypnotic.’

Since the inception of PVRIS in 2015, Lyndsey has catapulted the project across genres of 3 critically acclaimed studio LP’s, beginning with 2014’s debut ‘White Noise’ which earned commercial success on Billboard’s alternative charts and world-wide critical praise. They followed this by touring throughout the UK with Bring Me the Horizon and Neck Deep in 2016. PVRIS followed this with ‘All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell’ which debuted in the Top Five of Billboards Top Alternative Albums in 2017. 

‘I’m on fire and you can’t tame me.’

Throughout her career, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen has provided dynamic vocal abilities and instrumentation transcends effortlessly across her catalog, this can transform into angelic harmonies to aggressive deliveries. PRVIS has embarked on a 13 date UK/EU tour, which makes it her first tour overseas since 2019.

‘I said, dance goddess dance. It’s your body f*ck the men’.

Grab some tickets for their 13-date tour and celebrate femininity by listening to their new single ‘GODDESS’. 

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