Nascent star Kit Major’s debut EP is a complete embodiment of the DIY punk ethos. Perfectly imperfect, and immaculately undone – this new venture marks a turning point in the young artist’s sound. Citing a tasteful repertoire of musical references such as Avril Lavigne, The Veronicas, and Paramore – “Vampire Saturday” synthesises nostalgic early 2000s pop-rock with the perils of today’s digital age.

Throughout the EP, Major oscillates between pop, alt rock, and dance. Some tracks, such as “Rot Ur Mind” employ distorted, almost blown out guitars that accompany palpitating synths – blowing us away with its sheer sonic impact. Others, like “X” are tangibly more dance-inspired – building and crescendoing into euphoric bliss. While tracks like “I’m Bitter!” feature incredibly infectious guitar riffs that might as well have been usurped from classic teen flicks like She’s All That.

We’re always down for a dose of nostalgia, and the EP’s coming-of-age themes definitely hit close to home. Major notes, “This EP is self-reflective, like most of my music. It’s intimate, edgy, rowdy, and angsty. It’s also nostalgic for my own young days, my late teens, earliest 20s. That time in your life when you’re desperate to finish growing up and become the person you are destined to be.” If Olivia Rodrigo is on your wavelength, then Kit Major is definitely up your street. Although this is her debut body of work, we’re absolutely buzzing to see what she cooks up next.

Head below to enter the vast soundscape of Kit Major’s new EP “Vampire Saturday”…

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