Grounded in a hazy setting that combines the tangy alt-pop quips of Devon’s previous releases with a gritty edge, ‘Bullets’ chronicles the very real trauma of betrayal: “The song is basically about being betrayed by someone and the stupid feeling you’re left with after someone walks all over you,” Devon explains. “You just feel like a ghost of yourself” – A haunting sentiment that finds release in the track’s surging chorus. Ever so slightly distorted, Devon’s vocals take centre stage as he sinks the last nail into the metaphorical coffin – “now there’s blood stains dripping on my new shoes, think I’m getting tired of taking bullets for you.”

As poignant as it is cathartic, ‘Bullets’ showcases Devon’s new and improved approach to songwriting. After taking some time out to work on new music, he is back, armed with highly streamable guitar-pop, prepared to fight for the pole position. 

A worthy follow up to last year’s groove-laden anthem ‘WARNING SIGNS’ and a specacular new addition to Devon’s flawless discography, ‘BULLETS’ hints at an exciting year to come. Welcome back Devon!

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