Markus Nikolaus’s debut solo single, “Bicycle Day” has its origins in the thick of the pandemic. “Bicycle Day is a playful and psychedelic song that was originally written during the 1st Berlin lockdown,” he explains, “after a very long bike ride and under the influence of mind-altering substances, together with my girlfriend Sara.”

Borrowing the track’s title from “Bicycle Day” in 1943 – aka the first recorded LSD trip thought to have been experienced while the inventor was riding a bike – Nikolaus captures the cocktail of apprehension and freedom engendered by the substance and also the pandemic’s peak, as fears swirled but many also embraced a slower pace of life.

However, “Bicycle Day” is not a one-day event for Nikolaus, with various other releases said to be incoming from the artist, including a debut solo album, The Acid Kids, recorded at the renowned Funkhaus Berlin during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns. It follows his success as part of Berlin duo Lea Porcelain, with whom he toured with the likes of alt-J, and Apparat and as well as playing latest record Choirs to Heaven to sold-out crowds across Germany.

Head below to get your first taste of Nikolaus’ solo endeavours, right now, below…

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