“Transfigured”, the latest single by Spirits of Saturn, is a captivating synth-pop ballad that dives into the emotional aftermath of a relationship’s end. This track, released in March 2024, is their third single and continues to showcase the band’s evolving sound and lyrical depth. Recorded at Loop Studios in Manchester and mixed and mastered by Tucan of Superorganism fame, “Transfigured” intertwines nostalgic synth tones with modern production values, creating a mesmerizing soundscape.

The song begins with fast-changing keyboard chords that set a calm, reflective tone, quickly leading into heartfelt lyrics about love and emotional transformation. This track stands out for its polished production and the raw emotional delivery of the vocals, evoking a sense of both nostalgia and modernity. Spirits of Saturn, formed in 2022, includes members from diverse musical backgrounds, such as Early Sans from Superorganism, contributing to their unique sound that blends influences from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk.

“Transfigured” encapsulates the band’s ability to craft emotive and engaging music, promising an exciting future for their upcoming projects. This single is a testament to their growth and creativity, leaving listeners eager for more. Follow Spirits of Saturn on their journey for more stellar music releases!

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