With soaring synths and a ground-trembling drum beat, DB Armitage seamlessly encapsulates the out-of-control nature of a “Landslide” with their brand-new single. An encapsulation of the artist’s own mental state, “Landslide” delves deep into the tumultuous nature of grief, and how it can be equally disorientating to the extent that you can no longer determine which way is up. With soul-soaked vocals that speak to your core, DB Armitage delivers a narrative that is painstakingly honest yet surprisingly comforting.

Released alongside a captivating visual directed by DB Armitage, otherwise known as Dalma Berger, the artist is seen riding the waves of their own mindset – from rippling waters to spinning shots in moments of isolation – bringing the concept of “Landslide” full circle.

On the track, DB Armitage explains, “‘Landslide’ is about lucid dreaming and sleepless nights, about anticipatory anxiety when you worry about bad things that could happen in the future. I wanted to capture the feeling of hopelessness and isolation when you are unable to control or predict the direction of your own life and you feel that you have lost control. I think I particularly felt that I lost control over my own emotions when I was writing this song. And it was a very terrifying feeling and I realised that no matter how I try I would never be prepared to protect myself from the turmoil of losing a loved one.”

To stream the track and visual now, head below…

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