Whilst Nikhil Beats might be marking his first release as a vocalist and producer, his seven-track effort, “Earthly Desires Lead To Enlightenment”, is by no means a work in progress. Creating a unique balance between ground-shaking production and euphoric temperaments, Nikhil Beats quickly establishes a mature sound that is instantly recognisable and equally compelling.

Featuring leading singles “Face Your Demons” and “Feel Me”, the playlist stops at no end to curate ear worming beats that elevate your mood instantly — propelling you straight into another dimension where Nikhil Beats reigns king. Whether it be looking towards jazz influences in “Face Your Demons”, bouncing baselines in “Selfish Reasons” or off-kilter vocals in “Feel Me”, “Earthly Desires Lead To Enlightenment” repurposes itself as a personal experiment within which Nikhil Beats leaves his soul bare and his skill in abundance.

Speaking on the effort, he explains, “’EDLTE’ sums up my struggles over the past year and a half since releasing my first project. It’s vulnerable, fun and progressive. I’ve pushed myself to make music that’s more accessible for everyone whilst still maintaining my artistic integrity. I’m proud of it and hope that, by following my journey through the narrative of the project, you are able to use my story to benefit your own life in some way or another. I hope it makes you smile.”

Releasing a music video to coincide with the leading single, “Feel Me”, Nikhil Beats its seen delivering an intimate performance to his fans as they sway in perfect time, bringing us ever closer to the artist and his journey. Covering topics from breakups to first loves, introspection to the pursuit of knowledge, Nikhil Beats delivers narratives that speak to every audience — garnering all the more anticipation for his live headline show, coming to The Victoria, Dalston on November 16th.

Until then, stream the full effort below now…

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