Adding to her list of critically acclaimed singles the Spellemann-winning (Norway’s Grammy) artist, Thea & The Wild, awards herself praise once more with her new inventive single “Rip Tide”. Making a statement on the challenges of being a creative soul, the simple yet impactful “Rip Tide” coheres to the artist’s preferred tone as it is dressed in positive and light-hearted emotions.

Welcoming everyone into her creative realm, the artist’s music video plays with the idea of the artist kidnapping her darker side as a way to relinquish her negative thoughts. Concretising Thea’s lyric ‘Oh when my days are like nights, I am the enemy / The same wave bringing me in, Is pulling me back out’, the director Nikolai Grasassen garners everyone’s attention with the video shot through a Nordic crime lens.

In a little over three minutes, the inspiring artist achieves to shake our souls and leave us all in awe as we join her on a lyrical journey of self-discovery. Released ahead of her highly anticipated third album “Deadheading”, “Rip Tide” is proof that this album will be the one to beat.

Head below to listen to “Rip Tide”…

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