Of all human nature, there is one quality that binds us all: the fear of the status quo. Andy Petrusky, otherwise known by his moniker Petal Crush, is somewhat of a trailblazer in his pursuit to eradicate this fear — leaving behind his promising career as a professional tennis player to pursue his true passion, rock and roll. Driven by the tragic passing of his brother – who inspired the birth of the singer’s namesake – Petal Crush charges forward with the release of “Lucky Ever After”, an emotion-charged effort that echos a beating heart with its ground-shaking drum percussions.

An effortless reflection of Petal Crush’s raw approach to tune-crafting, the song bleeds with the pondering of the artist who laments themes of acceptance, redemption and living under false pretences. While a swelling chorus brings us to an almost euphoric nostalgia, the track simultaneously marks a point of evolution for the artist — bringing him into a new realm where the past informs an indefinite yet fruitful future.

In his own words, he explains, “‘Lucky Ever After’ is a special and timely single for us. This track embodies the overall theme of the upcoming EP, which is, never give up and play the hand that you are dealt with savvy. Sometimes in the dark, all we have for a light is our own perseverance and commitment towards originality.”

Infusing sounds anew with the piano-driven “Gonna Need It Now” featuring track, Petal Crush’s forthcoming EP, out October 18th, has us all officially tuned in to the Indie rock singer’s soundscape. Until then, you can stream “Lucky Ever After” now…

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