With the help of teetering bongos and heart-thumping beats, Vylana seizes back the rights to her own sexual expression with her empowering new single, “Out of Exile”. Seeping with sensual energy, Vylana celebrates pleasure in its most free and unbridled form on her newest cut, in turn sending out a message of liberating empowerment. Serving as an audial middle finger to a culture that commodifies and represses feminine sexuality, “Out of Exile” awakens the forces within us with its swelling chorus — encouraging us to recognise and act on our inner desires and impulses.

Speaking further on the track, Vylana explains, “‘Out of Exile’ is the story of the reclamation of my full spectrum sexuality that has blossomed from the safety of sacred union. My desire is for this song to inspire, allure, and invite the listener into a new understanding of their own erotic nature. It is a rewriting of old and tired religious and patriarchal narratives that are no longer serving the blossoming of our consciousness into this new era.”

Using her soundscape to dismantle outdated narratives that are still pressed onto the modern-day woman, Vylana once again demonstrates how her artistry reaches far beyond the art of tune-crafting — instead using it to voice the issues within the socio-political milieu, and detonate them with seamless execution and style.

To stream the track now, scroll below…

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