Bravo Papa – Real Life

“Real Life” by Bravo Papa showcases the band’s remarkable talent and creative synergy. It is featured on their album “Photographic Memoirs,” marking their long-awaited return after a 4 years hiatus and adding a highly anticipated gem to their discography.

The band, consisting of Kjetil aka “Kelly” Rønningen on vocals, Øystein Granheim Hammer on guitars, Mads Friberg on drums, and Alexander Aarvik on bass guitars, has successfully crafted a unique soundscape that evades categorization, yet draws parallels to renowned acts such as The Smiths, The Strokes, The Chameleons, The Cure, Television, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

“Real Life” is a reflection of the band’s distinct identity and their ability to deliver an audial experience that encapsulates their essence. The song, along with the rest of the album, is self-produced, showcasing the creative genius of Bravo Papa. The album was expertly mastered by Tore Granheim Thomassen, further enhancing the quality of the music.

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