Baltimore-hailing, Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Ruth Ward’s track “Suburban Ego” sees the singer-songwriter at her most pensive and introspective. The evocative, acoustic folk-rock cut with rich, image-laden lyricism – “Suburban ego in a man beneath the man / he says “not so fast, I’ve got something to prove to you” – sees Ruth Ward not only a purveyor of palpable emotion but enthralling stories.

“The beautiful part of making music is the way people connect with the songs,” Ward says of writing the track. “There is a trust between us that allows me to be open and bare my soul in a way that is always cathartic and beautiful.”

The release precedes her upcoming EP “Mindseye” in early 2023 and upcoming US tour, and follows the viral success of June’s “Messiah”, plus a run of support gigs for names including Donna Missal, Shaky Graves, and Melanie Martinez. So, it’s safe to claim that she’s an artist on the rise and one worthy of your attention.

Head below to bathe in the transfixing folk-rock of Lauren Ruth Ward, right now, below…

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