Newcomer Pet Owner embraces whimsy on debut music video “Hysterical”

Whimsy is at the heart of “Hysterical.” Pet Owner (with the help of mixing and mastering by Amadeus Fries) utilizes unique sonic tidbits to elevate the track, peppering in claps, computerized shrieks, and gang vocals to supplement the expansive synths and pulsating beats. The self-produced accompanying music video also leans into the strange and bizarre – a 3-D desert morphs into a kaleidoscopic marshland. Rainbow amoebas float in the air. Color is added, then subtracted, then added back again. Eventually, the video ends in an animated ocean scene. An orca whale jumps out of the rippling waves and flips around, oblivious to gravity. It’s not always quite clear what is going on in the release, but it’s always fun.

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