Proving that healing a heart is a two-man job, Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter Bryan Todd and singer-songwriter Alex Harry come together to deliver a “Million Reasons” why we should keep love close to us. Creating a paradox between poignant lyricism and an upbeat melody, “Million Reasons” is a powerful depiction of the rollercoaster of relationships — showcasing the vulnerability and dedication necessary to allow love to flourish.

Coming shortly after the success of his single with Jaden Michaels, “Real”, Bryan Todd has embarked on a meteoric rise within the industry. Taking this to new heights, the producer looks onto his new venture, 2220, seeking to create a talent pool of hitmakers from which any label can dive into, he also maintains his repertoire as the eyes and ears of future superstars — the evidence of which is palpable with his enlisting of Alex Harry.

Dropped beside a spellbinding visual, “Million Reasons” is performed across widened landscapes — a subtle reflection of the all-consuming temperament evoked by Todd’s production, leaving listeners with a sense of escapism whilst enjoying a dosage of introspection.

To stream the music video now, head below…

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