“I actually created this track on a whim,” SD The God says of new track “Chargie”. “Not in the sense that there was no thought behind it, but in the sense that I didn’t know where the song was going to take me or where I was going to take it.” The result of this impromptu and spontaneous journey is the buoyant afro swing love-song, honouring the energising qualities of that special someone in SD’s life.

It’s the latest in the London-born, Washington, DC hailing artist’s collection of summer-destined, feel-good tracks, that are all imbued with his West-African heritage, an ode to his family roots in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Illustrious musical names like Davido, Hardy Caprio, Emmerson, and Aṣa are all counted by SD as influences, and with a canon of greats like this on his playlist, it’s no wonder he’s devising similarly irresistible tunes himself.

His debut EP “Coronation” garnered over 75,000 streams, putting his name in the consciousness of hoards of listeners around the world. Like them, we wait in anticipation at SD’s next move, but for now, we’re just bathing in the sun-kissed bliss of “Chargie”.

Head below to hear it for yourself, right now…

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