Hector Gachan teases new album with layered new track “Asking For A Friend”

Back in 2017, Hector Gachan made waves with his debut album, Untitled ’91. Then, he did what anybody with a burgeoning music career does: He packed up and traveled the world. After spending years abroad in Sarajevo and Sydney, Gachan settled in Edinburgh to sit down in his home studio and materialize his next masterpiece. “Asking For A Friend” is the first look into the singer-songwriter’s highly anticipated sophomore record, Care 2 Share. This new track proves that time away has strengthened Gachan‘s creative power. “Asking For A Friend” is just as inventive and intimate as his previous releases, suggesting good things for Gachan‘s forthcoming album due out soon.

As fans have come to expect, Hector Gachan‘s sound on “Asking For A Friend” is clean and smooth. Cascading guitar grooves with a bumping synth and Gachan‘s convivial singing. While the artist is clearly inspired by the music of the 80s, this track certainly plays in the same sandbox as more modern artists such as Kurt Vile and Real Estate.

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