Usually when we think of heartache, we think about the kind where you feel like your world is ending and nothing will ever be the same again, often leaving little room for discussion about the kind of break-up that happens naturally — when love fizzles out after taking its natural course. Offering a spotlight on these often overlooked emotions, Izzi De-Rosa unveils her latest single, “love u in the morning”, a witty and playful exploration of the back and forth that lurks towards the end of a relationship. Mirrored by its bouncing beats and constantly switching flow, “love u in the morning” is an all-too-realistic depiction of the fine line between love and hate — the tossing and turning when you can’t work out whether you want to stay with or leave your significant other.

Released alongside an unexpected visual, Izzi De-Rosa places us within the point of view of her soon-to-be ex-lover, offering listeners a totally nuanced perspective of a real, messy and accurate relationship that is in trouble. Capturing the highs and lows of their love, the visual helps to showcase how easy it is for us to fall into a vicious cycle within a relationship — so much so that even Izzi De-Rosa doesn’t quite make it out.

Speaking on the entire effort, De-Rosa imparts, “As soon I wrote ‘love u in the morning’, I found myself daydreaming about what the video would look like. The song is so conversational, and kinda has a ‘fly on the wall’ vibe, and I really wanted this to come across in the video, to like throw the viewer into the midst of this argument between two people, one they can’t escape from. Jay Green (the director) was like ‘what if we shoot it on GoPro?’ which was the best idea literally ever. So that’s what we did.”

To stream the official music video now, head below…

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