Finally unveiling a track that has bounced to LA and back since its inception during lockdown, Lili Caseley and Nick Vyner successfully eradicate our Monday blues with their collaborative effort, “Hotel Du Palais”. With an upbeat melody, free-spirited attitude and candied vocals, the duo prove to be a match made in pop-infused heaven as they take it in turn to deliver verses on their happy places — dreaming of a life free from trouble and full of fun.

Speaking on the single, Lili explains, “The story is about wanting to return to a feeling of nostalgia, of a perfect night that felt like paradise but you know wouldn’t last in reality.” While the underlying motivations behind the single’s story remain somewhat sombre, the pair’s dreams are brought to life in a way that keeps us hopeful. Whilst the paradise they sing of may be finite, the same cannot be said for the track’s inescapable euphoria.

Released alongside a charming visual, both Lili and Nick are seen in creative spaces where they allow their minds to run wild. From a painting room to a desk with a typewriter, the duo encourage us to hold on to the parts of our psyche that dream, and chase those dreams in reality.

To stream the music video for the single now, head below…

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