‘Warpaint’ is as relatable as it is nonchalant. Written about a fleeting moment at the start of a party where Reid spots the girl she has a crush on walking in with a new boyfriend. Instead of letting the revelation that her crush is unrequited ruin her night, Reid shakes off her shock and disappointment, choosing instead to dance the night away with her friends. 

Her lighthearted response is reflected in the musicality of the song. A chantable chorus and layers upon layers of electric and acoustic guitars. While the song has an overall folksy feel to it, the undercurrent of electronic whirs and vibrations give the tune an energetic buzz. It’s easy to imagine Reid bouncing about the stage as she sings the chorus at the top of her lungs. Reid is a talent on the rise, selling out three consecutive shows in her home-city Glasgow as well as supporting Paulo Nutini on tour. She’s recently announced that she will be appearing at Latitude Festival, so if you’re lucky enough to be going, Lizzie Reid is not one to be missed. 

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