Rye Catchers – Never Look Down

“Never Look Down” by Rye Catchers is a soul-stirring track that showcases the artist’s exceptional ability to capture the human experience and the emotions that accompany it through music. The song features self-assured vocals, thoughtfully played keys, striking and punchy bass lines by Tim Lefebvre, and crunchy guitars. The accompanying music video is visually stunning and action-packed, reflecting Rye Catchers’ unique style and artistic vision. The video’s simplicity and striking visuals perfectly complement the song’s essence, drawing viewers further into the musical world of Rye Catchers.

Rye Catchers is based out of Milwaukee and he has an impressive music catalog filled with a wide range of styles, genres, and sounds, continually captivating and surprising listeners. Rye Catchers is the musical project of songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts, who explores a wide variety of genres, styles, and whims. The music he has been releasing since 2020 is anything but dull, as David has a way of making everything he touches his own, including the influences and sounds employed in his music.

“Never Look Down” is a testament to Rye Catchers’ exceptional ability to create timeless, relevant, and irresistibly catchy tunes that resonate with listeners. The artist’s unique style, diverse background, and dedication to exploring various genres and styles make them a shining beacon in today’s music scene.

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