For the most part, the pandemic thwarted our creativity in ways unexpected, but through the darkness and unrelenting passages of time, pockets of creativity ensued. Such was the case for the international pop sensation SHAB, who claimed her stage as a breakout star of the period. Coining compelling melodies and lilting lyrics that you can’t help but get up and dance to, SHAB brings her latest offering “Serenity”, with its debut music video, to keep us jiving through the summer.

Taking us to a tropical paradise in the music video, kaleidoscopic beats come to surface in a cinematic escape, produced by the renowned Damon Sharp, producer to the stars, from Ariana Grande to J.Lo herself. A lustful lyrical anthem, tinged with notes of EDM, Shab serves another stellar offering, showcasing her introspective yet unpredictable vocals, following on from the success in 2020 and onwards, releasing her first three English language singles.

With themes of motherhood, culture and freedom taking shape in her music, the Iranian musician, who moved to America alone at the age of 14, is learning a new language, whilst juggling three jobs. Upon graduating from college, SHAB took to law school, before acknowledging her true potential: to share her stories with the world. Grappling with intimacy, romance and femme self-discovery through exciting rythms, SHAB’s energetic and eccentric feel-good hooks have captured the attention of budding listeners from Iran and its diaspora. Serving a reminder of pop in its most feel-good sense, SHAB will be sure to keep you moving with purpose.

Head below to listen…

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