Three-piece rock band Young Culture has what it takes to lead a 00’s pop punk renaissance: frisky songwriting, catchy as hell hooks, long hair and snapback combo sported at any occasion, angsty music videos – you get the gist.

The band tops it up a notch with their newest single “Not in Love”, making their ambition even clearer. The song’s billowy, punchy vocals line out the dynamics of a “not together-together” affair and its contradictions. A real pop-punk manifesto, it features many of the era-defining genre’s songwriting raisons d’être, with current adjacent elements: being young and dumb, making the most of it, and drinking until dawn.

On the track’s visuals, the band reflects ““Every Track 1 should have a music video — it’s an introduction to the record, the album cycle, the vision. But regardless of track listing, during the You Had To Be There sessions, we knew this song had to have a visual. It was too special. this video is welcoming anyone and everyone to the Young Culture family, and if you’ve been there, then it should make perfect sense.”

With “Not in love”, Young Culture invites us into the fast-paced carefree-steeped world of their newest album You Had To Be There, out now on all streaming platforms.

Head below to listen to “Not in Love”, right now…

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