Brooklyn-based artist Dominic Sen’s latest track “Love To Be” featuring Sadie is a billet-doux to love.

Alexandra Lily Cohen coined the pseudonym Dominic Sen as her musical counterpart and proxy, weaving sticky hooks and rhythmical lyrics to PC music-inspired beats a-la “Vroom Vroom” era Charli XCX, but with a romantic touch, maybe due to Den’s past as a Lord of The Rings teen fanfic author?

Heavy synths dictate the arrangement of “Love to be”, which progression gives “the song its own path of unexpected evolution and unfolding”, explains Den. “‘Love To Be’ is a song about wanting more. It’s for those times when you are crushing hard, and ready for that crush to evolve into something firmer. I wanted to capture that feeling in the arrangement and production by trying to make every section unique from the next”.

“Love To Be” fits perfectly in the hyperpop-scape, resonating with the universal experience of craving intimacy in an increasingly digital world.

Head below to hear Dominic Sen’s new single…

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