Sophie drafts the steps to heal a broken heart through the tracklist of her new album ,”Not Bitter, Just Bored”, documenting the emotional fluctuations that characterize the process of recovery with poignant insight. “Love Condition” is one of the most light-hearted cuts on the album, aiming to empower questioning their reason in a tumultuous relationship. “I wanted to find the funny side of frustration of heartache because it gets to a point, particularly with selfish or toxic behavior that it is just so predictable,” Sophie explains. “We all want to be loved but all have habits that suggest otherwise.”

The video embodies the more gleeful side of Sophie’s songwriting perfectly, featuring VHS footage of the singer in various 80s-inspired disguises, attending a made-up blind date, and exploring what each character is looking for in a partner.

If alternative rock, sentimental indie anthems and tear-jerking lyrics are your go-to, then Sophie Kilburn will be the perfect addition to your playlist.

Check out “Love Condition” here…

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