No matter what age you are, there is one internal fear that binds humankind together in mutual dread and anticipation: the passing of time. As we experience the unwavering motions of life during which we are catapulted through stages against our will, each person has a shared experience of watching their lives pass them by — never fully settling down before heading towards the next thing. Slowing down this relentless cycle, Leah Weller welcomes sultry instrumentals and a relaxed flow into her brand new single, during which the artist laments the experiences of her past, looking forward to a very real – albeit daunting – future.

Encouraging all of us to “Dive In” when faced with the challenges life brings, Leah Weller celebrates her new journey into motherhood as she looks back in a rear-mirror-style format at the many lives she has lived during her twenties. From catwalks to magazine covers, Leah Weller reminisces her memories with fondness as opposed to fear under a seasoned soul soundscape — celebrating her growth and igniting courage for the changes she is yet to embark on.

In her own words, Weller explains, “‘Dive In’ is the most recent track I wrote on the album, my Dad had sent me an idea and I had also just found out I was pregnant, so the lyrics came from how I was feeling. Overwhelmed but you just have to go for it, learn while you’re doing, like sink or swim. It’s got a really good jam session vibe and groove to it. It’s one of our favourites to do live.”

To stream the single now, head below…

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